Consumers Get Firsthand Experience in Automated Audi Concept Car

Automated vehicles are on the horizon, and one of the automakers pioneering the effort is Audi. In fact, the company just started testing its prototypes out on the street this year. The first tests were restricted to select individuals, but a recent announcement states that the experience will finally be open to the public starting in July and through August.

Lucky consumers in Munich will have the chance to take a piloted ride in the new Audi A7 concept car, known simply as "Jack." The test will be conducted in normal traffic to show-off the responsiveness of this automated Audi model. The trip will last about 60 minutes, beginning at the myAudi Sphere near the airport. Once the trip ends, participants will be surveyed so the automaker can learn more about their first impressions on the vehicle's functionality.

What information is gleaned from this trial will give Audi engineers the artillery needed to improve upcoming automated Audi models like the Audi A7 concept car. Until then, we suggest Prestige Audi customers like you to stay in-the-know with our team by following our blog. We will continue to provide updates on what lies ahead for the brand, including news on its future models.

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