Kitty Litter Has Vehicular Uses; So Does This Material

Driving is something that’s a big part of many of our lives. Without it, getting to our destinations may be more of a hassle, especially in the upcoming cold weather during the winter months.

You should keep at least two of the following things in your vehicle – if not, one’s OK – and, further, two of them at home. If you are only going to be carrying one of the materials, then you may want to choose sand. What does sand do? It creates heightened traction.

Kitty litter can get poured behind tires stuck in the wintry earth to create friction, giving you acceleration when you otherwise would have endlessly spun out as well. Sand can do the same and even work at giving you grip in your driveway.

Because sand is versatile, it’s ideal for many.

You can use salt to melt ice and snow or prevent it, by spreading it on your driveway. Call us at Prestige Audi to help get your car winter ready.

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