New Audi A8 Makes Appearance at July Audi Summit in Barcelona

The Audi A8 is entering its fourth generation, and in celebration, the company is presenting it to audiences this July at the Audi Summit in Barcelona. This will allow people to get a closer look at the improvements made to this beloved, flagship model. However, from the information released thus far, we can safely say that its debut will leave a lasting impression and will even impress those of you who live right here near Prestige Audi too.

According to the press release from the automaker, the new Audi A8 sees a design and performance revitalization on a fundamental level. Its aerodynamically-defined body, finished with features like a wide Singleframe grille and HD Matrix LED headlights, exudes with a bolder presence. Meanwhile, its interior places emphasis on luxury by offering passengers the comfort of ambient lighting, premium seats with a massage feature, a 10.1-inch touchscreen with user-friendly connectivity, and other upscale amenities. Combined with re-engineered engines and other major components, this model offers substantial power like never before.

Characteristics like these are the reason we believe that the new Audi A8 will make a profound debut at the July Audi Summit in Barcelona and why customers of our Lakewood dealership will also appreciate it. So we urge those of you who are interested to keep an eye out. That way, you can be one of the first to obtain a model when it finally arrives!


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