Level 4 Concept Car Audi Elaine Provides Insight into Autonomous Driving

This month, the Audi Elaine made its debut in Germany. This electric powered SUV coupe showed the world what the brand is capable of with its newfound automated technologies. Some highlights about this high-end concept car are listed below.

  • Audi Elaine is a level 4 concept car, which means that it fits under the category of "High Automation."
  • It uses Audi AI technology to function without driver input on highways and parking lots.
  • Additionally, it can maintain a set speed range on limited routes, making driving more relaxing.
  • It also comes with fine-tuned driver-assist systems so that your trips are more efficient and safer.

The goal of Audi Elaine and concept cars like it is to provide drivers full support on the road. So if you want to learn more about the developments of automated driving and—by extension of that—what the future holds for the Audi brand, then keep your eyes on the industry! All signs point to an automotive revolution soon!

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