Once Synthetic Oil; Always Synthetic Oil

As a car owner you know that it is important to keep up on your oil changes, but there are a lot of myths about motor oil that can be confusing. Below is one common oil myth, followed by the truth:

MYTH:Once you use synthetic oil you will always need to use synthetic oil.

FACT: While it is good to use synthetic oil because it contains cleansing properties and has been formulated to withstand extreme temperatures, you can use it when you want to. When you have your engine oil changed it is up to you whether you want to use synthetic or conventional oil and switching back and forth will have no harmful effect on your engine. While synthetic is the best option, it can be expensive and it is not the only option. As long as you are changing you oil as the interval specified in your owner’s manual and using the proper oil viscosity it does not matter if you choose to use synthetic or conventional motor oil.

At Prestige Audi we want to make sure all drivers are checking and changing their engine oil to ensure their car is running at its best, if you are unsure about when to have your engine oil changed come visit our service center in Lakewood and speak with one of our experts today.

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