Change a Flat Tire with Confidence

Changing a tire is usually not very difficult, but it does require that you know how to do it and that you have the correct tools. Sometimes the lug nuts can be placed too tightly on the wheels, but you will discover if that is the case when you practice changing the tire at home.

Placing the right items in the vehicle is the first order of business. A spare tire, a lug wrench and a jack are the basic items required. To change the tire, first loosen the lug nuts slightly, then jack the car up according to the instructions in the vehicle manual. Take off the lugs, then remove the tire. Place the spare on, then put the lugs on and tighten partially in the right sequence for 4- and 5- lug wheels, then lower the vehicle. Finish tightening the lugs in the right sequence.

If you have had a flat, come in to our service center here at Prestige Audi in Lakewood, CO, and we will check the spare and replace it if needed. We will also check your other tires for possible issues.

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