Audi Q3 Offers Advanced Performance Features

Today, riding in a vehicle is no reason to be out of touch with the important parts of the driver's or passenger's day. The Q3 offers advanced connectivity with a hotspot for up to eight users, GPS, and a navigation system with 3-D views on the screen. The ride will be smooth and powerful with the 2.0L TFSI engine that delivers speed when needed.

Lakewood - area drivers know the benefits of handling and traction on all surface conditions. The Audi Q3 has available Quattro All-Wheel Drive to handle streets, roads, and going off-road. The Quattro system delivers power to the wheels that need it most for traction and stability.

You can take a test drive and get to know the Q3 first-hand. At Prestige Audi, we think the driver's seat is the best place to experience the superior handling and the seamless six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission.

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