Never Get Out on The Driver's Side During a Roadside Emergency

Cars that are driving on Lakewood's freeways can easily do in excess of 70 miles per hour. That's why it is extremely important for motorists to remain on the shoulder at all costs when dealing with a damaged vehicle.

If you have stopped your car on the highway for whatever reason, be it repairs or a roadside emergency, never exit the car from the left doors. Other motorists may not see themselves approaching your automobile, particularly if you have parked in a blind spot. Have your friends or family that are in the car with you get out from the right side. When they have cleared the vehicle, make your way over to the passenger door and exit the car to join them. Refrain from turning off the hazardous lights and take out any first aid kits as you wait for other cars during inspection of your vehicle.

Times like these will make you regret not getting repair work done earlier to your car. The service center at Prestige Audi can solve your car troubles so your next drive will not abruptly end with a forced stop on the shoulder. Let us fix all of your automobile problems!

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