Maintain Your Brakes This Winter

Your car's safety depends on its ability to stop effectively. As cars age, their braking systems are subjected to the inevitable wear and tear that comes with driving tens of thousands of miles in all kinds of conditions. The problem with braking systems is that they often only give subtle cues indicating that something may be wrong.

That's why it's so important to heed all warning signs that your car's brakes may be providing to you and head on in to an Audi service center, like the one here at Prestige Audi, for expert maintenance. Things like squeaking, unexpected vibrations, or feeling a pull to one side of the road or another when the brakes are applied are strong indicators that your car is in need of brake servicing.

Our dealership has some of excellent brake technicians in the Lakewood, CO area. We've been repairing and maintaining the brakes of cars just like yours for decades. Come in and let us inspect your brakes today. Your safety may depend on it.

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