How to Jump Start Someone's Car with Your Own

It can be scary for a person to have the battery of their car die. You can step in and help when someone is dealing with a dead battery, using your vehicle to help give their vehicle life.

When you are jump-starting a vehicle, you need to have a set of jumper cables. You want to start by attaching one end of the positive cable to the positive part of the battery that is dead. You then want to attach the other end of that cable to the positive part of your good battery. Attach the negative cable to the negative part of the dead battery and then attach the other end of it to any metal part of your engine - away from any kind of moving parts.

Once everything is attached, start the engine of your vehicle. Let the vehicle run for a minute or two and rev its engine. Try restarting the engine of the car with the dead battery and see if it is good to go.

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