Denver automotive detailing from the Prestige Auto Spa

The Prestige Auto Spa brings you Denver automotive detailing from the dealership you trust

Prestige Imports is excited to announce the grand opening of the Prestige Auto Spa. We have staffed and trained some of the finest detailers in the Denver metro area to give your car the spa day that it truly deserves.

Kids wreaking a messy havoc in the back seat? Smells like the family dog is still in the car 3 days later? Has your beautiful Audi simply lost that "New Car" look? Restore and replenish that showroom shine at the Prestige Auto Spa.

A full suite of Denver automotive detailing services are available for all makes and models, by appointment, at the Prestige Auto Spa.

Adams Polishes: The finest automotive detail products on the market

We are proud to partner with Adam's Polishes for a full compliment of products that truly set a Prestige detail apart from other detail services you are likely to find in the Denver area. Adam's Polishes is a local company that manufacturers all of their products right here in Colorado. Their products are not mass-produced and each is carefully formulated with special blends of high-quality polymers, acrylics, and waxes. They are guaranteed to outshine and outlast any product you've used on your vehicle before.

REVIVify selfheal: Liquid paint protection film

REVIVify is the newest technology in the vehicle protection category. It is a resilient, flexible, durable, self-healing coating that offers years of shine, gloss, and protection.

REVIVify is nothing like traditional, hard surface, ceramic coatings, or ceramic coating products that boast hardness. Its advanced coating technology is more like a liquid paint protection film and offers a flexible, self-healing, glossy cosmetic appearance with a level of protection we've never experienced in the coating category.

Prestige Auto Spa - Pricing Menu

Please review the menu below and let us know what kind of spa day your beautiful car deserves. After all, your car is so loyal and good to you every day, shouldn't you treat it to a day at the spa?

Interior Package - $275
Let us dig into all those nooks and crannies to give your vehicle a factory fresh interior look.
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Exterior Package - $275
Say goodbye to road grime and a dull finish and hello to a finely polished vehicle exterior.
Details   >>

Standard Detail - $500
Don't go halfway. Treat both the exterior and interior of your luxury vehicle and enjoy a discount at the same time.
Details   >>

Standard Wheel Package - $200
Nothing makes a car stand out like a nice set of wheels. Bring back your vehicle's original look with our Standard Wheel Package.
Details   >>

Complete Detail - $700
Cover all your bases with a Complete Detail, and drive away in vehicle that is sure to turn heads.
Details   >>

Ceramic Wheel Package - $600
Elevate the look of your wheels to a whole new level with Adam's Ceramic Coating.
Details   >>

Ceramic Body Package - $1400
This detail is designed to make even a brand new luxury vehicle look even better. The quality of the finish is second to none.
Details   >>

Ceramic Detail - $2000
The Whole Ball of Wax! Everything listed above all rolled into one exceptional package.
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REVIVify Wheel Package - $600
Elevate the look of your wheels and protect them for years with REVIVify selfheal coating.
Details   >>

REVIVify Body Package - $2500
This detail is designed to make even a brand new luxury vehicle look better and last longer.
Details   >>

The Full REVIVify Detail - $3000
The Prestige Auto Spa team will make sure your vehicle looks it's very best, and will then ensure that it maintains those looks for the long haul. This is only possible with a REVIVify selfheal Detail.
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REVIVify Body Package PLUS - $3500
Extra-thick, resilient, flexible, durable, and self-healing paint protection.
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The Ultimate Detail - $4000
Get an unprecedented level of protection for your entire vehicle.
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Additional Items: Dog Hair Removal - $100 per zone, Wet Sanding - $100 per panel.
The prices listed in this menu are for vehicles with standard wear.  Please contact a service advisor for custom pricing on removal of scratches, vomit, urine, blood, etc.

Schedule an appointment for Denver auto detailing

Prestige Imports Auto Spa services are available by appointment only. To schedule your detail service please call a Service Advisor at 888-348-0648 or click the button below.


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